Solarium Bed

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Centre Chreim offering safe tanning using top quality Solarium bed and material. We carry top of line products to accelerate, deepen, enrich and moisturize your tan. Our Tanning Consultants will ensure you are utilizing the best product for the results you desire.

How does my skin tan?
When UV rays hit your skin, it begins to produce skin pigment called melanin. When the melanin comes in contact with oxygen it oxidizes causing your skin to turn brown.

How can I achieve my darkest tan?
Developing a tanning program appropriate for your skin type is easy. Our tanning consultants can help you achieve the results you are looking for with the perfect tanning level and lotion combination for you. To start, we recommend building your exposure time gradually and tanning every other day. Overexposure to UV (sunburn) will only impair the tanning process. Once your desired results are achieved tanning a few times per week to maintain your tan is recommended.

What should I wear while tanning?
The only thing a tanner is required to wear is the proper eye protection.

Can I wear my contact lenses while tanning?
Because the tanning process draws moisture from the body, it is advised that tanners remove contact lenses prior to tanning. Even with the use of protective eyewear it is possible for eyes to dry out, causing discomfort and difficulties.

Does tanning provide you with Vitamin D?
There has been significant research done that shows tanning allows the body to naturally produce more Vitamin D than through supplements or a regular diet.

If I can't tan in the sun, will I be able to tan indoors?
No. Your skin type is predetermined, and the UV rays from the beds are no different than the ones coming from the sun. If you burn easily in the sun, you will burn easily in a bed.